Monday, April 28, 2014

Fear or Faith?

We are called on every day to decide something of importance. But how are these decisions to be made? Are we to follow fear or faith?

Fear declares that everything may go wrong. This is always the language of fear. But faith declares that everything will go right, and this is always the language of faith. Fear does not know; faith does know. Follow the verdict of fear, and everything will go wrong, because the path of fear leads into wrong. But follow the superior insight of faith, and everything will go right. The path of faith is the ever-ascending path to the greatest good that real life can give. Therefore, no one can follow faith without finding the richer, the larger, the truer and the better.

Fear always expects the worst because it can see only darkness. Faith positively assures us of the best because it can clearly see the light. And it is in the light that the best is always found. But whether we decide to follow fear and live in darkness or to follow faith and live in the light will depend entirely on how much faith we have in faith.

Millions are living lives that are not satisfactory. They long for a change, but they are in such complete bondage to fear that they are afraid to even hope for something better. There is a power, however, that can break the bonds, and that power is faith. Are you in bondage to a ruler of evil, oppression and misery? Faith can lead you out. Depend on faith, and begin this moment to follow wherever faith may go. Is there a Dead Sea of mental materiality between yourself and the promised land of peace, happiness and plenty? Take the rod of faith in your hand and stretch it out over the sea. The waters will instantly divide, and you may walk safely to the other side. Faith can do anything. Have faith in faith.

There is not a single person in the world today who cannot enter the promised land and do so now. Anyone may find peace, health, happiness, freedom and the very best that life can give. These things are for you in your present state of existence. It is the will of God that life should be sweet to every soul. Do not believe that you must suffer. There is freedom for you this very moment. There is a beautiful life that you may enter at once, and faith is the open door. 

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen, and the reason behind this is that faith lives in the light. Faith knows that we may receive anything we ever hoped for, because faith discerns the power that makes all things possible. Faith is in the light and sees what has not been seen. It does not simply believe that the unseen is real, but proves the reality of everything by going out into the boundlessness of everything.

From The Pathway of Roses, by Christian Larson
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