Thursday, March 20, 2014

Why is this book so important?

Never Been Seen Before

This book, The Basics of Spiritual Mind Healing, has never been published before.  That's important.  It's a comprehensive book about healing, using prayer, or spiritual mind treatment.  It is written for professional prayer practitioners, but is wonderfully accessible to anyone who is interested in the history and application of spiritual healing.

How You Can Use It

It talks about the idea of metaphysics, the spiritual world and how it all works. Then he funnels it down to affirmative prayer, connecting it all with lessons in the second half of the book where he pin points topics and applications in a beautiful way.

Get inspired, learn and use it

It's like a self-contained mini seminar all in one book.  It clear, fresh and was never published.  It is inspiring about the ideas of spirituality, and an education too.  That's satisfying

Who is this book for?

This is a great book for people who are studying spiritual mind healing, but it is also for regular people like you and me.  I'm not a practitioner of spiritual mind healing, but I was engaged by the book and enjoyed it very much.  Personally, I learned from reading this book for the first time the WHY affirmative prayer is such an effective method.

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