Saturday, March 29, 2014

Living the True Life


With each of us, there is the strong desire to lead the life that holds the greatest sum of happiness. What is that life? Is it the life of social dissipation, or that of study or sensual indulgence? Or is it the spiritual life?

Those who have endured many trials and sorrows, and have viewed life from any points, have decided that social dissipation is hollow, that study of material science un-elevated by spiritual science is fruitless, that a life of sensual indulgence is followed only by misery and degradation.

The conclusion reached is that the only life worth living and worthwhile is the spiritual life. If that is true, it is important above all things for one to learn the meaning of the spiritual life and how to live it.

At the beginning, we must know that we must live to our highest and do our best in the circumstances in which we are placed. Associated with this effort must be our realization of the omnipresence of God. If God is omnipresent, there can be no separation between the material and spiritual. With this as an accepted view, we cannot think one thing more wonderful than another, because God, the infinite perfection, is in and of everything.

People often complain of the monotony of life. The attitude toward life depends wholly on the individual. The interest is as one makes it. There need be nothing monotonous in living life as we find it.

There are things of wonderful interest all around us. The renewal of the earth each spring, the change of the seasons, the glory of light and shade, the wonder of color that changes with the light—all these are of marvelous interest to the observant mind. Above all is the joy of helping one’s friends and neighbors, or strangers.

The possibilities of the new day are infinite. If one chooses, there need be nothing tiresome or monotonous in one’s daily existence. A cultivated interest in the lives and things surrounding us gives the spirit of youth and holds back age

From The Divine Art of Living, by Kathleen Besly
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