Thursday, July 3, 2014

On Governing a Free People

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Americans are a dynamic lot. They are independent, opinionated, energetic, and it is very hard to tell them what to do. In dealing with citizens of a free country, the best that legislators can hope to do is use reason and rhetoric to persuade people to their points of view. The U.S. Constitution guarantees this, along with the right to function as free people so long as we do not force our ideals upon others. Right now, however, narrow points of view are prevailing in Congress, not the inclinations of our legislators to vote and govern according to the best interests of our country.

I think the American flag very much depicts where our legislators find themselves right now. We see our iconic image drooping and listless. No wind unfurls its folds; we do not see the stars and stripes flying vigorously in the breeze as they should. Lack of motion mutes the flag’s swirls, this same lack apparently denying our legislators the vigor of governance. Confusion and anger are overtaking the American people as we wait for legislators who will not legislate.

It does not matter what our party affiliations are, whether we live in a red or blue state, and what our ethnicities and cultures may be. We are at heart and with reason Americans, and we deserve the vitality and action of legislators who were elected to represent us, not hide in entrenched, ideological camps.

The country and its citizens are suffering because of the mindless intransigence of a few. We know what to do. First we pray; then get on phones, computer, and iPhones. Make calls, send e-mails and tweets; mail letters. According to the Constitution, we live under a social contract through which we consent to be governed by representatives. Let’s get on it and demand that our elected officials either govern…or go home and let us have those who will!

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