Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Master Key

 Master Key
The real secret of power is consciousness of power. The Universal Mind is unconditional. Therefore, the more conscious we become of our unity with this Mind, the less conscious we will become of conditions and limitations. As we become emancipated or freed from conditions, we come into a realization of the unconditional. We have become free!

As soon as we become conscious of the inexhaustible power in the world within, we begin to draw on this power, and apply and develop the greater possibilities that this discernment has realized, because whatever we become conscious of is invariably manifested in the objective world and is brought forth into tangible expression.

This is because the infinite Mind, which is the source from which all things proceed, is one and indivisible, and each individual is a channel whereby this eternal energy is being manifested. Our ability to think is our ability to act on this universal substance, and what we think is what is created or produced in the objective world.

The result of this discovery is nothing less than marvelous, and means that Mind is extraordinary in quality, limitless in quantity and contains possibilities without number. To become conscious of this power is to become a “live wire.” It has the same effect as placing an ordinary wire in contact with a wire that is charged. The Universal is the live wire. It carries power sufficient to meet every situation that may arise in the life of every individual. When the individual mind touches the Universal Mind, it receives all the power it requires. This is the world within. All science recognizes the reality of this world, and all power is contingent on our recognition of this world.

The ability to eliminate imperfect conditions depends on mental action, and mental action depends on consciousness of power. Therefore, the more conscious we become of our unity with the source of all power, the greater will be our power to control and master every condition.

Large ideas have a tendency to eliminate all smaller ideas, so that it is well to hold ideas large enough to counteract and destroy all small or undesirable tendencies. This will remove innumerable petty and annoying obstacles from your path. You also become conscious of a larger world of thought, thereby increasing your mental capacity as well as placing yourself in position to accomplish something of value.

This is one of the secrets of success, one of the methods of organizing victory, one of the accomplishments of the Master Mind. It thinks big thoughts. The creative energies of Mind find no more difficulty in handling large situations than small ones. Mind is just as much present in the infinitely large as in the infinitely small.

When we realize these facts concerning Mind, we understand how we may bring to ourselves any condition by creating the corresponding conditions in our consciousness, because everything that is held for any length of time in the consciousness eventually becomes impressed on the subconscious and thus becomes a pattern that the creative energy will weave into the life and environment of the individual.

- From Master Key, by Charles Haanel
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