Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Book Review: The Bible Unveiled, by Emmet Fox

Newt List is making a name for itself as a publisher interested in bringing classics of metaphysics to the modern reader by updating, language, punctuation and gender conventions.  The result is a catalog of some 50 titles that are much more accessible than their original public domain versions.  No more stumbling over run on sentences, male specific pronouns and punctuation from a hundred years ago.  The language flows and the ideas leap up from the pages as if intended for today’s reading audience.

Literally or as an Allegory?

The Bible Unveiled address one reason why so many people have abandoned the Bible: taking it literally.  It presents the idea that you and I can find ourselves in the stories of the Bible if we read it as an allegory.   

When we do that, everything in the Bible become significant all characters of the Bible represent certain aspects of our life struggles and our personality.

Reading the stories of the Bible  as representations of the soul’s journey, the Bible become a lamp lighting the way through areas of being stuck and lifting us up to new levels of accomplishment.

Consider this from the beginning of the book:  Every name in the Bible has a meaning.  All of the geography is significant.  Numbers are infused with meaning and definite ideas.  In light of this, Emmet Fox’s book is a thrilling detective story of a hidden treasure obscured from sight by misunderstanding.

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