Monday, May 6, 2013

Thomas Troward: The Missing Link in a Spiritual Life

The more one dives into the work of Thomas Troward, the more one realizes that there is a missing link on the spiritual path, a lapse in logic that Troward addressed unswervingly in each of his books.

Initially, we come to spirituality through inspiration. We aspire for something greater, something beyond ourselves. We want a new life and a new way of living, because we have found something lacking in ourselves. Books of spiritual inspiration abound, and their value lies in revealing to us the possibilities open to us on a spiritual path.

How Do I Acquire A Successful Lifestyle?

From there, the average student moves into the achievement of these goals. They want information on how to acquire this new lifestyle of success, prosperity and deeper relationship with the source of life. Here, we learn the techniques to achieve this, which may include such topics as meditation, prayer, service and worship.

The challenges soon follow when the student, using the techniques offered, finds that life is not changing as expected. One meditates, yet one is not achieving peace; one prays, yet one does not receive.

The Missing Link is Belief

The missing link, and the one that Troward touts in his writings, is belief. One must believe. But how do we believe when we don't REALLY believe? Human beings tend to believe what they see, so when the spiritual student doesn't SEE a result, the student's belief is impeded, thus creating a vicious circle that impairs the achievement of success, leading to failure.

Thomas Troward explains how to believe in spiritual laws by explaining them in highly scientific terms. He dissects the physics of the human life through the use of scientific theories, with the result that the reader understands exactly why belief in spiritual principles is based on ideas of fact and physical reality.

The result is that the reader of Troward discovers the missing link to bridge inspiration with results, hope with facts, which serves to foster the belief necessary to achieve a successful spiritual life.

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