Saturday, May 4, 2013

Why Spiritual Books Make Great E-books

With the rising popularity of e-books comes the discussion of electronic versus paper reading materials. You'll find advocates on both sides—the feel of holding a book and seeing it on your bookshelf, versus the convenience (and cost!) of always having a book available on whatever device you have with you.

I like to read fiction on paper, but I find that I LOVE having my books on spirituality in an e-book format. I appreciate the convenience of having inspiration perpetually at my fingertips, wherever I go, whenever I need it the most.

Instant Peace

Reading spiritual books on my phone or e-book device allows me the opportunity to receive instant peace or inspiration when I unexpectedly find myself needing it. I can open up any number of spiritual texts to suit whatever situation I find myself in and get the extra punch I need to deal with whatever issue is facing me.

Often I find myself out in the world and faced with a stressful situation. At these times, I can open a particular title and transport myself into a way of right thinking. It is as if I have a constant spiritual teacher with me always. I can find comfort or ideas or techniques for improving my situation in an instant.

Take Note!

Another bonus is the ease of taking notes. Whether or not I have (or can find!) a pencil with me, I can highlight passages from the digital text I'm reading and then send myself the these excerpts for later reference. I can also share these passages digitally with friends, as well as read passages that others have found valuable.

The sharing of notes, and the quick access to the Internet while reading, enriches my experience, both inspirationally and educationally. It is easy to launch out of the e-book I'm reading and move effortlessly into the Web to supplement my interest. It's as if the book propels me into the universe and expands my knowledge


Reading spiritual texts in e-book format makes me feel I have the support of a community behind me. I can connect to other people reading the same thing as me. We can share ideas, often learning more about the topics that mean so much to me.

For convenience and a broader experience of community and networking, I find that I am more and more buying spiritual books in e-book format. Give it a try with some of Newt List's ninety-nine cent specials here.

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