Thursday, March 20, 2014

What If You Don't Have Zest For Life? Passion and Success

The main thing I've learned is...

Through working on New Thought classics in public domain, I've seen a thread that runs through the messages of several New Thought authors.  There are definite, consistent ideas that many of them address.  I'm guessing these are the important ideas to focus on.  For example, there is a thread about the importance of your passion for life and how it relates to being successful. That's an interesting and frequent idea.

But what if you don't have passion for life.  What if you don't have zest for living?  Then you have to figure out how to get it.  In one way or the other New Thought authors say in one way or another that you have to be engaged and interested in life if we want to be successful.  And, if you don't have that passion, it can be acquired.  That's another repeated thought: you and I can regain our zest for living through spiritual practice.

Repetition is my friend

Practice means the thing you and I do regularly to express our spirituality.  Practice means repeat, repeat, repeat. With repetition comes improvement.  Through repeating new habits, you can change existing habits, for example through the use of spiritual tools such as affirmations to recondition your thinking.  Basically, to me the message I encounter over and over again in public domain New Thought texts goes something like this: talk your self into being passionate and do it over and over again.  Repetition helps in this regard.  It means presenting something to your mind repeatedly, so as to become familiar with it, as if you are trying it on until it feels normal.  I think that is what is meant by changing your mind, practicing something until it becomes normal. Personally, when I've done this, after a while of repeating a new idea I notice sometimes my habits have changed.  Almost always I feel better and more passionate about life.

Where to start

Of the book NewtList has published in gender neutral updated language the ones I think will be most helpful to someone wanting to establish different habits are:

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