Friday, November 14, 2014

How to Improve Your Personality

You are God’s good person, and you alone can decide whether your personality will be happy and whole, dynamic and creative, attractive or repulsive. You alone hold the golden key to a larger life. You hold it in your hand, but you cannot use this key until you first consciously connect yourself with that “something” greater than you are. This doesn’t mean that you are going to get lost or become submerged in a dream or a fantasy. It means that you are going to learn to live and think and act from the feeling that there is a limitless power behind everything you do—a power for good.

Somewhere in you is the same imagination that wrote every book ever written, the same creative genius who invented everything that makes modern life comfortable, the great artist who painted all the pictures, the composer who wrote all the songs. The very dance of life itself is in everything God ever made, and it is in you.

You may ask, “How am I going to bring all this out? How am I going to bring it to the surface? How am I going to become that wonderful, dynamic personality that I would like to be?” Perhaps the best way to begin is not to try to be so wonderful or so dynamic. Don’t strain. Don’t wear a mask. Don’t try to be anyone but yourself. All imitation is suicide. You are you, and you are real. Coming to know the real you is not so much something you develop or create or compel as it is something you discover.

Your first step, then, is as simple as this: Hook up your personality, your physical body, your environment and everything you do, say and think with what you really are—an individual living in pure Spirit here and now.

God didn’t make a mistake when God created you, when God implanted God’s own being in your life and breathed into you the breath of life itself. God made you to be happy and whole, complete and contented. You may start, then, by believing that at the center of your being there is a real person, a lovable person, a creative person. This should not be done with conceit or arrogance, but with the utmost simplicity. You must become acquainted with yourself. You must come to know that the real you is lovable, kind, happy and whole, and of course you can’t do this unless you believe the same thing about everyone else.

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