Thursday, July 18, 2013

Inspiration Vacation

Summertime offers great opportunities to take breaks from our regularly scheduled lives and see ourselves differently. It is a time when many of us take vacations from work, from school, even from our church, and venture out to explore new places in the world. Whether we travel the planet or we vacation at home, we can take this time to shift our perspective just a bit, altering the regular course of our lives to give us a break from the way things usually are.

Traveling to a different country or region gives you the chance to see the world through the eyes of people different from yourself. New thoughts, new ways of doing the everyday things, new voices all stimulate something inside you, and you see the world expanded.

When you take time off, but remain in your everyday surroundings, you can take a vacation within yourself. When you are not distracted by work or the everyday grind, new ways of doing things can be imagined, and then experienced. This can be as vital and stimulating as a trip around the world, because it is a trip inside yourself.

Taking time off from your regular schedule gives you a unique chance to invest time into your spiritual life. When I travel, I always take my ebooks with me. Sometimes I get new ones, mixes of fiction and non, but mainly I like to have my spiritual stand-bys handy to remind myself of why I believe as I do and how to make every day outstanding.

One of my favorite spiritual books to reread is Christian Larson's The Ideal Made Real, subtitled Applied Metaphysics for Beginners. Ernest Holmes attributed this book to introducing him to New Thought ideas. I find that it brings me back to the basics of a new way of thinking about myself and my place in the universe. Every time I read it, I remember, and I become more excited about the possibilities available to me as a human being in a spiritual world.

Have a great inspiration vacation!

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