Sunday, July 28, 2013

Meant To Be

Within each of us is the realm of God. Every human being possesses the essence of all that is holy and vibrantly alive. You are a place where God is, and, despite occasional appearances to the contrary, you are kind, you are compassionate, and you are love. And so is everyone else. This is a universal principle taught by spiritual leaders over ages, and one that can change the way you live your life today.

At your core is peace. It is the place to which you go when discomfort or even disaster strikes. It is an inherent part of you, which may be why we frequently fail to remember it is even there. But it is in this unchanging place inside you where the greater global person begins. It comes from your core and makes itself known in the world, sometimes in surprising places, through the things you do and the relationships you create.

Become aware of just how powerful a force for peace you really are. Today, you can imbue every single action, no matter how minute or grand, with the essence of peace. When someone wrongs you, whether they cut you off in traffic or say untrue things about you, you have the divine choice to respond in kindness, with peace. It is the first stop to something larger, something global.

It can seem hopeless to believe that peace is the way things are meant to be in the world today. Peace seems so unattainable that it often seems easier to give up hope. But even taking one peaceful action in your daily life shifts the word closer to the peace that is meant to be.


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