Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Being a Contented Cat

I want to point you to a valuable blog on facing difficult issues life throws at us. It is Betti Magison Effrig's Contented Cat. Betti (full disclosure: she is my sister-in-law's sister!) writes clearly and thoughtfully about her life with muscular dystrophy. She writes about acceptance versus persistence, a concept that requires an acute sense of balance that actually applies to every one of us, whether we are dealing with large challenges or small.

Betti has taken her increasing inflexibility of body to increase the flexibility of her mind, showing us that we are not only what is "between our head and our boots," as Walt Whitman said, but spiritual, thinking beings as well. We are who we decide to be, who we choose to be, and not what our circumstances dictate.

It is not an easy road that Betti is on, but one can see by reading her blog that she has a grace and empathy that can teach each one of us not only how to appreciate our own existence, but how to thrive when we choose to accept and embody the lessons of the "contented cat" in all of us.

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